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Welcome. This climate change website is designed to help meet the information needs of the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and our partners as we implement a strategy to addressing climate change in the Pacific Northwest.

The website is organized with these headings:

Getting Started

Start here by becoming familiar with the Forest Service’s Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) website. If you are new to the topic of climate change, begin with “Start Here for a climate change primer.” After that, explore the range of topics on the site, or focus on those of particular interest to you.

On this site we also present links to the Washington and Oregon state climate change assessment documents. These excellent resources provide a wealth of information relevant to expected trends in climate affecting our natural resources in the Northwest.

If you become familiar with these three items (CCRC website, Washington assessment, and Oregon assessment), you will have a firm foundation of understanding climate change as you approach writing NEPA documents, engaging in discussions, and helping to shape our implementation.

Regional Strategy

Here we post the key Forest Service documents guiding our direction on climate change. This includes the scorecard of ten key implementation elements and progress towards meeting them.

Meetings and Workshops

Here we post agendas, notes and Powerpoint presentations from past climate change workshops in the Region. Use this as a resource to see what has gone on and how it is shaping our thinking.

Science Direction

Regional white papers and field guides you can use in developing NEPA documents. Documents focus on a topic, what is known in the literature, how we have addressed the issue, and then present direction based on our best understanding.

Maps and Data

Developed in cooperation with the University of Washington’s Climate Impacts Group, the ecology tech team presents maps of key climatic variables projected into the future. Use these as a resource in understanding anticipated climatic change in the Region.

What’s Happening

Information on monthly climate change conference calls, upcoming workshops, and news targeted for your specific use.

Contact Us

Contact information for those developing the Regional strategy and its implementation. Contact us with questions, troubleshooting, information needs, or other items of interest.

Thanks for your interest and support!